Club Guidelines

Revision Date: August 23, 2014

Club Guidelines

  1. Member Benefits
    1. Discounted skating equipment from GR Speed Sponsor: Ezeefit Sports
    2. Managed Sponsorship Accounts
    3. Focused attention on and off the floor
    4. Access to two local rinks for practices
  2. Fees
    1. Competitions
      1. MRSO
      2. USARS
      3. Clinics
      4. Miscellaneous
    2. Coaches Expenses
  3. General Rules
    1. Practices
    2. Competitions

Member Benefits

  • Discounted skating equipment from GR Speed Sponsor-Ezeefit Sports
    • GR Speed members are eligible to receive up to 20% discounts from our club sponsors.  Contact L.R. Cole for equipment orders.
  • Managed Sponsorship Accounts
    • We are working to build sponsorship accounts for our members.  USA Roller Sports (USARS) will manage these funds for our club and for individual USARS members.
  • We have a general GR Speed fund that is managed by the club’s coaches.
    • This season, the coaches will determine where the general fund money will be spent.
    • Anyone who is interested or knows someone who is interested in learning how to make a donation can contact L.R. Cole for details.
  • We will help establish individual sponsorship accounts with USARS for GR Speed Members.
    • Members who obtain sponsorship money using GR Speed are  encouraged to divert 20% of their monetary collections to the GR Speed General Fund.
    • Individual fund disbursements
      • It is our current understanding that individuals need to submit their receipts directly to USARS for reimbursements from your USARS managed account.
  • Focused attention on and off the floor
    • GR Speed members are provided with specialized instruction during each practice.  We provide technical support services to adjust equipment and we work to provide whatever assistance is needed to obtain answers for our members.
  • Access to 2 local rinks for practices


  • GR Speed membership fee is $50 for an entire family



  • Skaters who wish to compete in these are events are required to attend at least 6 practices prior to racing.
  • These competitions are geared for beginning or returning skaters and should be viewed scrimmages.
  • The events are refereed by experienced skaters or by up and coming official referees obtaining experience.
  • Leniency is the name of the game during these competitions. Infractions and mistakes are used as teaching and learning opportunities.
  • The competitions are held monthly on a Sunday throughout the season.  Events are normally scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. and are completed by noon.
  • Cost of these events are $12.00 for each entrant.


  • Skaters who wish to compete in these are events are required to attend at least 6 practices prior to racing.
  • These competitions are normally geared for skaters who have at least one year of competitive skating experience.  These events are more geared for individuals who are seeking to measure their abilities with other like-minded skaters.
  • The league events include the Rookie Division for beginning skaters.
  • The events are refereed by registered official referees who are enforcing the official adopted rules during the competitions.
  • Leniency is not the name of the game during these competitions. Infractions are dealt with according to referee’s perception of the spirit and intent of the adopted rules.
  • These competitions are numerous and basically there is a competition held every week.  See the GR Speed Calendar for the events we are tentatively planning to attend.
  • Any skater who has signed up to compete as member of a relay team is required to race that particular event.  If a skater chooses not to compete in the relay event he will be held responsible to repay his teammates’ relay event entry fees.  Should this occur at the indoor national championships, regional compettion fees will also be reimbursed. These fees shall be paid by said skater prior to his being allowed to participate at practice.
  • Cost of the events are usually less than $50

Coaches Expenses

  • Fees will be assessed for each event that will cover the expenses of the coach.
  • The fees are intended to cover the travel expenses of the coach for each event.
  • The travel expenses are based upon the current USARS provisions.
  • If all coaches are attending a club activity the head coach is the only individual who will be compensated.
  • The travel expenses will be computed and divided among all families going to the event or club activity.  Exception, a coach who participates as an individual will not be required to pay coaches expenses.
  • The hotel room for the coach shall include the coaches family staying in the room.
  • Should the coach have any family skaters participating in the club activity, they will be required to contribute their equal share for all expenses.

General Rules

  • Practices
    • Fees
      • Members fees are $5 for a single skater or $10 per family
      • Non Members fees are $8 per skater
        • The additional $3 will be directed to the General GR Speed Fund so it can be used by our official members
    • Practices are open to all skaters.  However, GR Speed reserves the right to exclude any skater deemed disruptive or detrimental to the good of the club.
    • Coaches from other teams who would like to attend GR Speed practices are required to obtain written permission from a GR Speed Coach prior to attending a practice.
    • June-July practices are open to club members only
    • There shall be no sideline coaching. i.e. no parent will provide specific instruction or comment to a skater and/or parent that tries to, or gives a perception of pitting one club skater against another club skater.
      • Parents and enthusiasts are encouraged to provide motivating dialog with all skaters and with all skater’s parents
        • This will avoid making a younger skater feel that they are being ganged up upon and that someone wants to see them lose.
        • This will avoid a parent making another parent feel that their child is being judged
    • Respect-We are very impressed with the work ethic displayed at our practices. We understand that you may become frustrated or exhausted during our intense practices. Regardless of your mood, personality, or mental state you are required to treat your fellow teammates and coaching staff with respect at all times.
      • If an athlete chooses to physically violate another athlete, the aggressor will be removed from the skating floor for the remainder of practice.
      • Any individual who is determined to be a determinant to the overall club will be removed from the club at once and will not receive any refund.
    • The following Coaches are the only individuals who are authorized to give specific race instructions: L.R. Cole, Don Grear, Ron McKey
    • The following GR Speed Mentors are authorized to provide limited instruction to skaters: Janelle Cole, Stu Cole, Nick McKey and Morgan McKey
    • Skating Drills
      • Skaters should do their best to find the correct pace line position for them in each drill so that they can challenge themselves to their highest potential while being able to complete the drill being performed.
      • Once a drill is underway all skaters are required to complete the drill.
      • No skaters should leave the floor without asking permission.
  • Competitions
    • The coaching staff will determine the competitions that GR Speed will attend
    • Each competition will have a GR Speed coach representing the club and athletes
    • Skaters and family members of skaters, shall display the highest degree of sportsmanship and conduct themselves in an admirable fashion at all times.
    • Skaters, find your coach prior to warming up, during the time you are on the floor warming up and immediately communicate with your coach when your warm up is over.
    • Skaters, find your coach 1 hour prior to racing each event.
    • Skaters, find your coach immediately after completing each event.
    • Skaters and family members of skaters, whenever an official addresses you, your response shall be conveyed in a humble manner and your response shall be “Yes, Sir.” or “Yes, Ma’am.”
    • The GR Speed coaching staff are the sole advocates for the athletes competing at the event. Therefore the coaching staff are the only individuals permitted to address the competition staff, referees, or coaching staff of another competing club to discuss the scoring and/or placements of, and any infractions incurred by or inflicted against you or your child.
    • If you believe an infraction or a scoring mistake has occurred against you or your child during a race and/or if something happens off the floor you shall bring this item to a GR Speed coach.
      • Please note, regardless of your mood, personality, or mental state you are required to treat your fellow teammates and coaching staff with respect at all times.
    • Podium attendance
      • Skaters who have placed and are receiving awards are required to be present during the award ceremony

Skaters who are receiving awards shall be in complete uniforms wearing shoes.  It is permitted for an award recipient to wear a team jacket over their uniform